Raindance Wedding Band FAQs

Raindance Wedding Band FAQs. Have all your questions answered by Ireland’s favourite Wedding Band. If your question is not mentioned in our Raindance Wedding Band FAQs section – please let us know and we will add it to our list.

What instruments do the band play? 

Raindance consists of keyboards, electric guitar, bass guitar and drums with three main vocals.

Do you cater for all age groups?

Raindance have a huge set list that has been designed to satisfy all tastes. Our set comprises hits from the Sixties & Seventies through to current chart music. From Waltzes to Eighties and Nineties classics and is ever expanding. To see our full range of music visit our Setlist page.

Do you have a dress code?

Image is an important aspect of the show. Raindance wedding band faqs dress in smart uniformed shirt & dress pants for Weddings, Corporate Functions, and Private Parties… but dress casually for pub gigs.

Do you require a booking deposit?

A small non-refundable deposit secures each date booked for both Band & Dj.

How do you stand out from other Wedding Bands?

Raindance have used their years of experience to produce a “show” and bring more to the table than just music. The band uses a blend of musicianship, personality and humour to bring out the best in your Wedding guests on every occasion. We organise everything from trains to limbo-dancing on the evening to “involve” your guests on a one-to-one basis. With the use of wireless guitars, the guitarists even make their way onto the dance floor to perform amongst your guests for certain songs to involve and inspire everyone. Our entire set list is hand picked and geared to build your guests up and motivate them to enjoy themselves. Each song is instantly recognisable to inspire a sing-along atmosphere. It’s not just what we do… it’s how we do it!

Do you actually play all of the songs on your Set list?

It would be impossible to play all of the songs contained within the set list. Raindance have at one time or another however performed each and every song mentioned in our list. We have hand-picked all the best songs and combined them to produce the best possible show we can on each and every occasion. Having such a huge range of material also means we can tailor each set to suit the needs of each audience.

Are you capable of controlling the volume?

Raindance have honed all aspects of their show including sound levels. We have a state of the art sound system which allows total control over our volume as we realize it is an important aspect of the show. Raindance play to entertain the crowd in attendance on every occasion – not for self glory, so generally don’t have a problem with the music being too loud.

How soon should I start booking things?

As soon as you set the date and book your Ceremony and the Hotel, you should start about booking everything else. It’s never too early. In fact the earlier you start booking things, the more choice of suppliers you have. The later you leave it, you’ll find that your choices become limited. All the best Bands, DJ’s, Photographers, etc. will be booked by someone else and you might find that you have to “settle” on suppliers rather than having a free choice.

Do you have a lighting system?

Raindance have one of the most professional stage and dance floor lighting systems available. We also employ extensive stage lighting to properly “frame” the Band with moving lights to cover the dance floor & ceiling area to create a visual aspect to our show.

How long does it take to set up the equipment?

Set-up from the end of speeches takes roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour once the Hotel has given the band full access to the stage area.

Can I rely on the band arriving on time?

Our view is that the only way to really be on time – is to be early. We generally arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled set-up time to ensure that there are no delays in starting. This means that an earlier than normal set-up can also be provided if the opportunity arises.

Is the band willing to travel outside Galway?

We play ‘almost’ anywhere in Ireland within reason and there are no travel expenses for playing within County Galway. A nominal travel charge would be applicable outside of our home County. Overnight accommodation may also need to be provided for the four band members for travel distances greater than 2 hours each way.

Do you take up singers at weddings?

We are willing to take up a few singers on the night, but we try to limit the amount. Experience has taught that too many people coming up can ruin the momentum of the night. We ideally accept singers just after the half time break.

Is there a problem gate-crashing a wedding to hear you play?

No, is the usual answer. Practically every Bride and Groom had to gatecrash someone else’s wedding in order to hear us play in the first place. Nine times out of ten Brides and Groom never mind this process coming full circle, as they understand your situation fully. We also ask permission of each Bride and Groom to have couples attend their wedding in advance and they normally give their full consent, as they realize that it helps the Band secure future business. We do advise contacting us on the day you plan to attend though – just to make sure that your date is still available. This can avoid a wasted trip. If you’re planning on gate-crashing a wedding for the first time, visit our Wedding Tips page in order to pick up some handy hints.

Does the band play Traditional Irish music for Set-Dancing?

Raindance unfortunately do not have set-dancing music in their otherwise huge set list. We can cater for set dancers upon request with a vast range of traditional music on MP3, which includes music designed for the: Caledonian, Galway, Newport, Connemara and Aran sets to name but a few. Other Irish music favourites such as “Shoe the Donkey” and the “Stack of Barley” can also be played on MP3 upon request on the night.

Can you cater for Irish Dancers / Straw Boys?

Raindance have no problem in catering for Irish dancers – and frequently do. We would require however that the dancers provide the band with their specific music selection on an iPod or MP3 player, rather than cassette or CD on the night. Their music can then be played through the Band amplification for a full sound. In the event that they have their own musicians, we can amplify them though our sound system and also provide backing upon request.

Does the Band always guarantee the same line-up?

Raindance always fulfil confirmed bookings and always endeavour to have the same band line-up at each and every event and are members of the Wedding Band Association of Ireland. Clients however should be aware there is always a possibility of members changes occurring due to illness, bereavement or other unforeseen circumstances. Raindance are not obliged to give any advance notice of line-up changes, but with three main singers the same set can always be performed without compromise on any given night. In the event that an occasion arises where a regular member becomes unavailable, we hire only proven professionals to cover them – thus ensuring there is no reduction in quality of the Raindance stage show.

Does the Band perform the first dance? – or is it an MP3?

That’s entirely up to you… If the song is on our playlist – we usually perform it. If not we can attempt to learn it especially for the occasion. We can alternatively easily play an MP3 for the first dance, and seamlessly swap back to the live band afterwards. The choice is yours.

How do I get to hear the band play live?

Simply contact us by phone or e-mail for an up to date listing of our forthcoming gigs. All information can be found by using our Contact Us page.

Is it possible for the band to set up in advance of the meal?

An early set up is not normally required as the band normally sets up all equipment as the Hotel clears away after the meal. An early set up is however an additional optional extra provided by the band upon request. There would be an extra charge for this service as it involves extra time and travel. For a quotation on an early set up, simply ask us via our Contact Us page.

Is it possible to book the Band without the Dj Service?

Raindance are available to perform as Band only without Dj… But we do offer a very keen DJ rate due to the fact that our equipment is already in place on the night, and there are no extra travel costs.

Can we choose the music played by the band on the night?

We always try to take the musical tastes of every Bride and Groom on board. At the end of the day, the music played on the night of each wedding is tailored to keep the guests dancing. The band have a vast set list, and use their years of experience to pull from this throughout the course of the night, to keep your dance floor full. While we can pretty much guarantee to play all your favourites from our set list, we cannot always guarantee to omit certain popular songs. We will however always certainly work with you to make your Wedding all that you hope & plan for.

Can we choose the music played in the disco on the night?

Once notified of particular favourite songs or artists in advance of the wedding, songs can always be successfully included on the night. Our DJ is always open to suggestion, and can normally mix your song choices with the regular set of “floor-fillers”. We would ask however, that the chosen songs be upbeat, and danceable. The aim as always is to keep your guests on the dance floor all night long.

How long does the disco normally last?

The disco runs from the end of the Band until the Hotel says so basically. This varies from hotel to hotel, but the average disco normally runs from 12.30am – 2am/2:30am.

Do you take provisional bookings?

Raindance frequently deal with several couples interested in the same date, so are unfortunately unable to take provisional bookings or indefinitely hold dates for couples who have not seen the band perform live. We do however carefully record each enquiry, and do our best to advise couples if their date becomes unavailable so as to avoid disappointment.

Finally – and usually most importantly:

What’s it gonna cost me?

Contact Ollie: 086-8211331 to get an immediate quote, or preferably fill out our Contact Us form on our website. Simply tell us your wedding date and the location of your reception, so that we can make sure that our Band & Dj are available for your particular date and we will happily quote you on the spot.

Raindance Wedding Band FAQs

Raindance Wedding Band FAQs


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