DJ Service

Dj Service for your evening reception starts as the dying notes of the band fade out, so your guests don’t even have to leave the dancefloor. The bridge between both is so seamless, that often times the crowd don’t realise that the band has finished and the DJ Service has begun! Our professional DJ also ensures that no song performed by the band will be repeated during the DJ Service, unless specifically requested – giving variety to each night rather than repeats.

The Raindance DJ is also the MC for the entire night. He interacts with and encourages every crowd to dance, as well as taking all requests, and even the odd singer (but don’t tell the guests that). He will also take all of your requests in advance of your Big Day to ensure that you hear all of your favourite songs on the actual wedding night.

The DJ Service lighting system is very comprehensive with 8 different lighting units used each night to light the stage, the ceiling and the dancefloor. All sound equipment is state of the art also with back up amplifiers and MP3 players as extra insurance against any breakdowns or malfunctions. This is one night that simply can’t afford to go wrong!

DJ Service for your Afternoon Reception

The Raindance DJ Service is not only available to just follow the band, but can also be booked at a special rate for your afternoon reception at the Hotel on the day itself. This instantly creates a party atmosphere from the very start. Our DJ plays all the latest and greatest hits in the main area where your guests assemble upon arrival to the hotel and takes requests all afternoon. This DJ Service runs from the arrival of your guests to the hotel until everyone is called in for dinner. This is an extra benefit only available when you book Raindance for your wedding.

DJ Service for your After Party

Raindance are now also pleased to offer it’s DJ Service for your after party the following day – which is fast becoming an even more enjoyable day than the Wedding itself for all Brides and Grooms. Relax without the pressure, and kick back to a true knees-up! … Booking this service is guaranteed to go down well with all the guests as our DJ can re-count the events of the actual Wedding, singling out your most “flamboyant” guests from the night before to make sure they remember all they got up to. All whilst knocking out all the favourite hits and party anthems from the wedding one final time.

Value for Money

Booking the Raindance Band & DJ Service together makes sense and saves money. Raindance are able to supply the DJ Service at a discounted rate as there is no extra travel costs, and all the equipment is already in place. This also means that your entire evenings entertainment is looked after by just one supplier – so there is one less person to deal with on your Wedding Day. Special deals are also available for your afternoon reception and/or after party the following day.

Original Mixes by our DJ

As well as seamlessly mixing all the hits together to ensure your dance floor stays full all night long at your wedding, our very own Professional DJ has also put together several original “Mash-Up” remixes. These tracks combine some of the most popular pop and dance hits. Check out some of his original samples below:

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