Wedding Hotel / Venues we highly recommend:

Wedding Hotel: Choosing your Wedding Hotel in Ireland can be huge decision – so here are some of the finest Wedding Hotels we’ve performed in, and have exchanged links with:

Click on any of the links above to visit the website of each Wedding Hotel. Every one of these Wedding Hotels have been host to hundreds Weddings over the years and are all professionals in the industry. All above Hotels are based in our home County of Galway.

Wedding hotel deals

All Wedding Hotels offer great deals on normal weekend dates Weddings as well as even better rates for midweek Weddings. Therefore you should definitely make time to visit their websites above and see what each Wedding Hotel has to offer.

When should you start booking?

It’s never too early to book ANYTHING to do with your Wedding. Once you’ve set your Wedding date, you should make a start to organize everything else. The earlier you book things – the wider the choice you have… which basically means that when you start early, all the very best Wedding Hotels are still available. More importantly, you can have the Wedding Hotel of your dreams on the date of your choice, without having to settle an anything.

Most important things to book?

There is a well known fact, that the three most important things to ensure a successful Wedding are: the food, the hotel, and the band. Once your Wedding guests are in nice surroundings, with good food and great music – you just can’t go wrong. Therefore choosing the right Wedding Hotel and booking Raindance should guarantee everyone has a great day.

Wedding Hotel Links with Raindance